Water Is Thicker Than Blood


Publisher Visionary Writings
Published on 24 July 2017
Chapters 40
Language English
Genre Drama, action & Romance
Rating 16VLS

All rights reserved

No part of this Publication should be copied. If plagiarism occurs, all parties involved will face legal consequences. Any sharing of the context of this book should be acknowledged by the writer, publisher and a written permission should be issued to prevent legal actions. “Water is thicker than blood” is inspired by true life events and copyright protected under the intellectual property laws and Visionary Writings terms and policies.

A note from the Author

“Water is thicker than blood”, is a story solemnly written by me. It is a story that was inspired by true life events with a little bit of fiction here and there.
The story sees a young man on his journey to finding happiness, peace, and success through the hands of a person who made him realise that Sometimes you can be worth more to a stranger than your own family.

We are often told that “Blood is thicker than water” but in this case water overpowers the blood that left an innocent heart stained forever.

Take this journey once more with me as i unravel different emotions that will leave you crying, happy, shocked and begging for more.

A story that is going to open our eyes through a lot of things such as forgiving even when your heart is still bleeding, a story about second chances, hope, and faith. Water is thicker than blood, is 70% inspired by true life events.

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