Chapter 1

I was born in a small town called Queenstown in the Eastern
Cape but my parents relocated to Johannesburg because of
business purposes I was still very young, that’s where I
continued my higher primary in one of the best private schools in
Gauteng I had a perfect childhood up until my whole life changed
for the worst. 7years ago I lost both my parents in a car
crash/burn I was only 13years old, no one was ever able to
explain what happened it was always labeled as an “Accident”. I
say “accident” because right after they passed someone leaked
evidence that my father was fraudulent. My father was very
wealthy and my mother was his backbone for all his success
there’s no doubt they had a lot of enemies, but no one knew they
would push limits as to take them out. After their death I was
shoved and tossed from charity to charity because all the
extended family suddenly turned against my father’s name and
everything they owned was frozen until I reached 18 years of
age, most of it confiscated by the state.
As soon as I turned 18years old and got my father’s remaining
money and shares from the companies he owned I dropped out
of school, bought a house and gave life to everything he owned
making sacrifices to rebuild the empire. I don’t have any friends
or family but I’m one of the youngest rich people in the Country
so I guess that makes up for being a loner because I’m
constantly caught up in making money more than anything else, I
know my folks would be proud of me for raising up the family
name and trying to live up to my father’s standards. I’m now
20years old with no qualification but with a lot of things that
people with honors and masters can only dream to have, I also
don’t have any kind of desire to go back to school I see that
pointless because I already have everything I would go to school
for life has taught me more than a degree could ever try. The
James name is a very powerful name I might be young and the
only one standing but don’t underestimate that,

I still seek revenge from the person that was involved in killing my parents
then dragging my father’s name in the mud leaving the only thing
that remained of him with no dignity.
So people wouldn’t have any kind of mercy or remorse towards
his death and lose every respect they had for his legacy because
they believed he cheated everyone into believing he was a
strong hardworking man. I’ve made it a point to regain every little
respect his name deserved it’s still a work in progress because
the lies are still out there, so are the killers.
There are a lot of things that my father worked for but they were
taken away because of the fraud claims, the money I got wasn’t
even half of what he worked hard for but at least it was enough
to make me somebody… somebody that matters not only for me
but also for them. I live up to his reputation, I live so he could lie
in peace and know his death was not in vain. He was a good
man always had a hand in helping people and he died because
he achieved so much, he did too much of righteousness together
with my mother but I wake up every day with a motive to make
sure that whoever made sure he kills them gets what they
deserve REVENGE.

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