“Work hard at school, so that you can attain a certain
qualification one day and become someone well respected and
acceptable in the community”
Growing up in a black community Education was always encouraged
as the only resource that guarantees you a promising future. Having
that “certain qualification” will outstand you in the community, and
earn you the respect that you deserve. Not that i am against
Education but i have always seen myself being independent and not
relying on anyone to earn me money after a long day’s work of
making their dream come true.
I have witnessed my fellow Brothers and Sisters slaving everyday on
a 08h00-18h00 shift, working for a wage that can’t even deposit a car
or let alone a house in the next three months. I am a firm believer in
my own dreams and with the right support together with ambition and
drive, i know that i can make it.
I was born and bred in KwaZulu-Natal, Newcastle to be more exact.
That has been my home for as long as i could remember until we
moved down to Gauteng in Pretoria. I come from a very successful
family, my Mother is a branch manager at Standard Bank, My big
Brother Mbuso studied engineering but then later on went to start his
own construction company. My sister Thando is a primary school
Teacher and me, i am a high school drop out. I dropped out in grade
11. I am a certified disgrace to my family, i have brought shame to the
Mkhize clan no one has ever dropped out of school or not make it to
tertiary i am the first one ever so my mother always reminds me.
My biological Father was never in the picture or a part of my life, he
left when I was just 8 years old for reasons known to him leaving my Mother to care for me. After the departure of my Father, my Mother
married another man Kenneth Mkhize and that is how Thando came
about to be my sister she is Kenneth’s daughter. Thando’s Father is
in the military he is hardly at home, we don’t get to see much of him
and that’s fine with me because i don’t really like him and you will find
out why.
With both my Siblings being independent and having their own places
to stay, around the house it’s always me and my Mother.
My Mother loves Thando more than she loves me and my big brother
the main reason why we had to relocate from KwaZulu-Natal to
Gauteng was because Thando had enrolled at the University of
Pretoria to study Teaching a few years back, my Mother couldn’t have
her precious emerald living so far away from home alone so because
of that one particular reason we had to give up our lives in KwaZulu-
Natal to start new lives here in Gauteng. My big Brother Mbuso didn’t
relocate because of his business, he was forced to stay behind but
nevertheless he still comes to visit.
Both Thando and Mbuso have a close and substantial relationship
with our Mother, i am the only one who doesn’t have a relationship
with her not by choice but by being outcasted. She sees me as a
disgrace my birth and existence to her has come of now as a mistake
and regret, My mother killed the love she once had for me and
replaced it with hate. My own Mother doesn’t love me but tolerates
me, as they say “actions speak louder than words” her actions never
spoke louder, her actions screamed louder into making sure that my
eardrums bleed into the sound of her hate towards me.

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